Amped AC1200 Setup

Are you tired of WiFi dead zones in the house? Never again! Perform Amped AC1200 setup and make dead zones a story told in the past! Amped AC1200 range extender is capable of transmitting data at the speed of 1200 Mbps. On this page, we will make you acquainted with the process to install an Amped range extender. Let’s get started.

Amped AC1200 Setup Methods

First of all, let’s have a look at the number of methods using which you can install your Amped AC1200 range extender. FYI, two methods are there that will help you do Amped setup.

1. Manual Method1. – This method to install the Amped AC 1200 extender demands the use of a web browser to access the graphical user interface of the device.

2. WPS Method2. To set up an Amped AC1200 extender via the WPS method, one just needs to push a button on the device.

Now, have a look at the next sections and learn how you can make your Amped AC1200 operate by making use of these methods.

 Amped AC1200 operate

Amped AC1200 Setup via Manual Method

Since this method requires you to access the web-based GUI of the Amped AC1200 extender, you have to gain access to the PC. Also, keep an Ethernet cable by your side to establish the extender-router connection. In order to perform Amped setup Amped setup via the manual method, follow the steps underneath:

  • Before everything else, take the brand new Amped AC1200 range extender out of the box.
  • Connect the provided antennas and other accessories to your AC1200 extender.
  • Time to power up the extender! So, connect it to an electrical outlet and let the power LED lit.
  • Establish a connection between your Amped AC1200 and the router with the aid of a wireless source.
  • To make the connection stable, we recommend you proceed using an Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on a device operating on the latest OS version (laptop or computer).
  • After that, pull up your favorite internet browser.
  • Enter the AC1200 extender’s default web address into the URL field.
  • Press Enter to reach the Amped AC1200 setup wizard.
  • Execute the instructions displayed on the screen and complete installing your Amped AC1200 range extender.

That’s it! Congratulations on completing the Amped AC1200 setup process. However, if you feel stuck while performing Amped setup using the manual method, it is recommended that you take assistance from our profound experts.

Amped AC1200 Setup via WPS Method

This method is also known as the push button configuration due to the ease of the process. To set up your Amped AC1200 range extender using the WPS method, give a shot to the steps mentioned below:

  • After taking the packaged contents out of the box, place the Amped AC1200 range extender into the room same as the main router.
  • Power up the Amped device and ensure that it is getting a fluctuation-free power supply.
  • Right after that, search for the WPS button on your Amped AC1200.
  • As soon as the quest for the WPS button finishes, press it carefully.
  • You are required to follow the same step with your host router too.
  • The Amped AC1200 setup process is complete.

This is how you can get the Amped AC1200 range extender installed using the WPS method. Now, you are free to use the internet on your devices.

Amped AC1200 Setup Issues

  • Amped AC1200 keeps disconnecting
  • Extender won’t turn on
  • WPS light on extender keeps blinking
  • WiFi extender not found
  • Can’t connect to Amped AC1200 extender
  • Amped AC1200 setup wizard won’t open
  • WiFi extender keeps restarting
  • not working
  • Amped AC1200 extender overheating
  • Extender drops WiFi signals

In case you face any of the aforementioned issues while installing your Amped AC1200 range extender, consider getting in touch with our highly-trained professionals. No matter whether you contact them during the day or night, they’ll help you overcome the problem you are facing during the Amped AC1200 setup process.

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